A Journey Through The Alliance Vision Prayer | July 1

July 1, 2022
The Alliance Canada

Journey Through The Alliance Vision Prayer week 7, day 5

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Intercessor Guide

O God, with all our hearts, we long for you. Come, transform us to be Christ-centred, Spirit-empowered, Mission-focused people, multiplying disciples everywhere.

July 1

Bible Readings:

Zechariah 8:2023; Acts 17:1634

Reflection Questions:

  • How did Paul respond to the distressing reality he encountered in Athens? How could we respond in similar ways to anything that opposes Christ?
  • What are ways to make the Gospel relevant and attractive today without losing the truth?
  • One day, people from all nations will say: “Let us go with you because we have heard that God is with you.” Do our lives reflect the beauty of Emmanuel in such a way that others would want to join us in being his disciples?

Prayer Prompts:

  • That Christ in us would shine brightly for all to see—and that many would long to join us as his disciples.
  • That we would have the wisdom to reveal the unchanging truth and beauty of Jesus in ways that our changing world can understand and appreciate.
  • That the Punjabi Arain would undeniably see that God is with his people and join us in being his disciples.

Listening Prayer:

  • Jesus, is there anything in my life that is hindering me from reflecting your presence to those around me?

Punjabi Arain:

There are 0.0% Christians reported among the global population of 9.9 million Arain. The Punjabi-speaking Arain mainly live in the northern Indian state of Punjab. They are almost all Muslim.

Over 500,000 Punjabi people are living in Canada.

Pray with us:

Father, we rejoice in the day when the Punjabi-speaking Arain will discover the face of their Creator. What a glorious day it will be when the hearts of the Arain are reunited with their Maker!

Stir the hearts of your people with a desire to reach the Arain. We ask that Arains would have a deep yearning to know you and be known by you. Pour out your Spirit upon entire families. Holy Spirit, we ask that you continue to soften their hearts, prepare them to recognize you, and be reunited with the One who loves and cares for them.

As the seeds are planted, would you bless the soil of our friends’ hearts to receive their King? We bless the roots to grow deep and for the seeds to receive the nourishment and care they need so that a fruitful harvest may come. Amen.

Arain man standing with a bicycle.

Pray the vision prayer with us:




The Alliance Canada

Founded in the 1880s, The Christian and Missionary Alliance is committed to Jesus and His mission. We aim to be a Christ-centred, Spirit-empowered, Mission-focused movement in everything that we do.

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