A Journey Through The Alliance Vision Prayer | June 20

June 20, 2022
The Alliance Canada

Journey Through The Alliance Vision Prayer week 6, day 1

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Intercessor Guide

O God, with all our hearts, we long for you. Come, transform us to be Christ-centred, Spirit-empowered, Mission-focused people, multiplying disciples everywhere.

June 20

Bible Readings:

Genesis 12:13; Psalm 67; Romans 15:1422

Reflection Questions:

  • How has God blessed you and made his face to shine on you?
  • How has God called you to be a blessing to the world, that all the people would praise him?
  • How are you personally partnering with the ambition God has given The Alliance to preach the Gospel where Christ is not known?

Prayer Prompts:

  • That God would bless our Alliance family and use us as a blessing to the world.
  • That we would always long to do everything we can to share the Gospel, and that we would have the perseverance to do this when it’s hard.
  • That Christ would accomplish great things, through our international workers and Kazakh believers, in leading the Japanese to obey God by what they say and do.

Listening Prayer:

  • Jesus, how do you want to multiply the blessings you have given to me so that the greatest number of people would love you in the greatest possible way?


Dominated by atheism, Buddhism, and Shintoism, evangelical Christianity represents only 0.5% of the Japanese population. Despite 500 years of Christian presence in Japan, Christianity is regarded as a foreign religion. Over 1,000 cities and half of all the villages have no church. With 126 million, Japan is the largest unevangelized country entirely open to missionaries.

Japan faces many crises. Young people lack hope or confidence in the future; because of this, Japan has a suicide epidemic (over 30,000 per year). High suicide and divorce rates in all age groups confirm the crisis. Economic decline, social isolation, and the constant threats of earthquakes leave many people open to spiritual matters.

Pray with us:

Heavenly Father, would you bless the Japanese with hearts that are open to Jesus. Soften their hearts and let the seeds of the Gospel begin to germinate. We speak life over the people and come against the spirit of death that robs them of hope and eternity with Jesus.

May they hear your voice to them today, to “Come alive!” Penetrate every barrier raised against the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Increase your Kingdom among Japanese and help them hear the ‘old message’ with new ears and renewed hope.

“For the idols speak delusion; the diviners envision lies and tell false dreams; they comfort in vain. Therefore the people wend their way like sheep; they are in trouble because there is no shepherd” (Zechariah 10:2). Awaken the Japanese from idolatry and bless them with shepherds after your own heart. Amen.

A Japanese Pagoda with cherry blossoms all around.

Pray the vision prayer with us:




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