A Journey Through The Alliance Vision Prayer | June 21

June 21, 2022
The Alliance Canada

Journey Through The Alliance Vision Prayer week 6, day 2

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Intercessor Guide

O God, with all our hearts, we long for you. Come, transform us to be Christ-centred, Spirit-empowered, Mission-focused people, multiplying disciples everywhere.

June 21

Bible Readings:

Genesis 18:1633; Ezekiel 22:30; Acts 16:610

Reflection Questions:

  • Are you willing to stand like Abraham in a place of intercession on behalf of those in danger of judgment?
  • How have you seen the Spirit opening and closing doors to show you the people you are called to reach?
  • Are you prepared to get ready at once and respond to God’s call to join him?
  • How is God stirring your heart for the lost?

Prayer Prompts:

  • That God would show us the people he calls us to go to.
  • That the Spirit would close doors as needed to focus our missional efforts on the places he has prepared.
  • That God would help us stand in the gap in compassionate intercession for the lost.
  • That God would prophetically raise workers to go to the Kazakh Uyghurs and share the Gospel with them.

Listening Prayer:

  • Jesus, how do you want to grow my love for people and focus on reaching them with the Gospel?
  • In what ways has my focus been diverted from the mission you have called me to join you in?

Kazakh Uyghurs:

The Kazakh Uyghurs live in the world’s largest landlocked country. They border on Russia, ‘the Stans,’ and the western edge of China.

300,000 Uyghurs live in Kazakhstan—most can trace their roots to an immigration wave before the 1960s. They mainly speak Russian and practice Islam. Some may speak the Uyghur language to older family members. Only 0.01% are Christians. One factor that prevents the spread of Christianity is the perception that it is a religion for only the West. Praise God that there are six known Uyghur fellowships in Kazakhstan, ranging from 5 to 30 members.

An estimated 2,000 Kazakh Uyghurs live in Canada.

Pray with us:

Lord, will you come with your light and illuminate the pathway to God. Lift the Kazakh Uyghurs from the thick darkness, covering the people. “And he will destroy on this mountain the surface of the covering cast over all people, and the veil that is spread over all nations” (Isaiah 25:7). Bless the Kazakh Uyghurs with open heavens and clarity that they might behold their God, Yahweh, the Creator of humanity. Amen.

A shepherd drives a large flock of sheep in a field. The background is tall mountains against a cloudy sky..

Pray the vision prayer with us:




The Alliance Canada

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