A message from President Dave Hearn

“Where the river flows life abounds!” Ezekiel 47:10

Recently, I stood in a large stadium with 10,000 Egyptian believers, praising God and dancing with joy before Him. Many of them were new believers who had recently converted from Islam. The power of that moment still pounds in my heart. God is on the move, shaking the world and the time is right for a courageous launch into places and people groups that are now becoming more accessible for the gospel.

Assembly 2018 is fast approaching and we anticipate a profound outpouring of God’s Spirit in mission- focused passion. Our theme is DEEPER and our desire is to respond to God’s call to “go deeper in Jesus and further on mission.” The call is never an end in and of itself, it motivates us to go further in reaching the least-reached peoples on the planet. This is our collective heartbeat. It is the DNA of our movement. I envision First Alliance church full to capacity as we celebrate God’s goodness and come with the expectation of his transforming presence. I see hearts being revived, vision being rekindled and many responding to the call to GO DEEPER AND GO FURTHER!

In Ezekiel 47, the prophet paints a picture of a river flowing from the altar of God that becomes deeper and deeper until it is over his head. This river is a depiction of the unstoppable and uncontainable power and presence of the Holy Spirit. We are invited to plunge in with radical surrender and be swept into God’s purpose of redeeming nations. The river runs into the dead places in our soul, and in our world. Wherever it flows, life abounds. The picture of fishermen fishing on the banks of the Dead Sea, which is filled with fish of all kinds, is happening right now. We are fishing in Northern Iraq, we are fishing in Senegal, in Egypt, and in Spain. We are fishing in places that were once as dead as the Dead Sea and our nets are beginning to feel the tug of new life. A key leader in Egypt made this powerful statement, “We are not better preachers, we are not better people, but we are in a better time.” We cannot, we must not, miss this opportunity. Imagine 1,000+ people whose hearts have come prepared to focus on one thing – Jesus and His mission to reach the nations!

Come and join us as we worship, fellowship, and seek God’s heart together. This is not going to be another religious event but a powerful encounter with Jesus. We live in a time of unprecedented challenges and unprecedented opportunities. The fields are ripe for harvest and I am calling the Alliance to wholeheartedly ask God what role He wants us to play in this part of history. I challenge you to come and throw yourself into the river that God has prepared for His people.

– Dave Hearn