• What meals are covered in my registration fee?

    The Meal Plan includes morning coffee breaks and lunches (Wednesday – Friday). This plan is available to all who register to attend on-site, including official workers, lay delegates, and corresponding delegates.

  • Do I have to pay in advance, or can I pay at Assembly?

    Online registration requires credit card payment. If needed, payment by cash or cheque may be arranged, please contact the registrar.

  • How can I transfer registration from one person to another?

    You need to cancel your registration and register the other person.

  • If I change my registration from virtual to onsite or vice versa after the early bird deadline, will I have to pay full price?

    No, if you purchased an early bird ticket and change your registration after the early bird deadline, we will honor the early bird price and not charge extra.

  • How can I transfer my registration from virtual to onsite or vice versa?

    In-person registrations can be transferred to virtual if necessary, and vice-versa up until June 24th, 2024 with no fee. The difference in cost for the meal plan will be refunded and/or charged. To do so, please contact the registrar.

  • How do I modify and update my registration?

    You can modify your registration for 24 hours after you register by clicking on the link provided in your confirmation email and following the instructions on the screen. Please contact the registrar if you wish to make changes after the link has expired.

  • What do I do if I have to cancel my registration?

    You may cancel your registration by contacting the registrar.

  • How do I sign up for a Networking Lunch or New Delegate Orientation?

    Once the Whova event app goes live (around June 1st) you will be able to log in and add a networking lunch or the orientation to your schedule.

  • If I have to cancel my registration, do I get a refund?

    If you cancel your registration prior to Assembly, you will receive a refund of the full payment amount less a $35.00 administration fee. After June 23rd the cancellation fee is $100 and there is no refund if cancelling after June 30th.

  • What if I arrive onsite after registration has closed?

    You may still register at the Information Centre or Assembly Office.

  • Why is the registration fee the same for in-person and virtual delegates?

    The cost to put on the Assembly program is the same for in-person and virtual participants, including the cost to provide a virtual participation platform, facilitators, and voting. This also allows for easy transfer from on-site to on-line or vice-versa, providing such a transfer occurs before the deadline stated above.

  • How do I complete a lay delegate certification?

    Policy on General Assembly, Item 3.1.3. and 3.1.4. states that lay delegates appointed by their church board or district superintendent (DS) must have a certificate verified with the signature of the board secretary or the DS. This will be done electronically for 2024. During registration, please check “I am a member of my church and have been appointed by my church or district superintendent as a lay delegate.” Then enter the contact information of your board secretary or DS and we will contact them for a digital signature.

  • What is a Non-Voting Delegate?

    A non-voting delegate is granted access to observe the business sessions of Assembly but does not have the right to debate or vote. A non-voting delegate must be a member of a local Alliance church in Canada and an authorized representative of the member church.


  • Can I bring friends to any of the events?

    Friends are welcome to join any of the evening services. They may also register for Assembly as “Family and Friend” to take part in other Assembly sessions (see registration information) except business sessions.

  • Will events be live-streamed publicly?

    Only the evening sessions will be live-streamed. They will be available on allianceassembly.com

  • If I miss a session, will I be able to view it later?

    All sessions (except business sessions) will be recorded and available in the Assembly event app for the duration of the event. Evening Sessions will be available at allianceassembly.com after the event is over.

  • Is the C&MA allowed to hold hybrid business sessions?

    General Operating Bylaw No.3, Item 5.10 allows for participation at Meeting of Members/General Assembly to be both in person and by electronic means: Any delegate entitled to attend a Meeting of Members may participate in the meeting by telephonic or electronic means that permits all participants to communicate adequately with each other during the meeting provided the Corporation makes such means available. A person so participating in a meeting is deemed to be present at the meeting.

Hybrid Experience

  • What can I expect from the virtual delegate experience?

    A virtual event platform will be used to allow delegates to participate in all sessions including business sessions. Two-way communication will be available for business sessions, networking lunches, and the Next Gen and Leader Development sessions.

  • How will voting take place in hybrid business sessions?

    All votes in the meeting will be conducted using Simply Voting, a secure and reliable platform. Votes will be conducted ‘live’ as the meeting agenda is followed. Closer to registration each delegate will receive an email from Simply Voting to sign in and do a test vote.

    While in the meeting, each delegate will also need to be logged into Simply Voting, either on their cell phone, tablet, or on a separate tab on their web browser. Delegates will need to use this platform for each vote in the meeting as they are conducted.

  • If I miss a session, will I be able to view it later?

    All sessions (except business sessions) will be recorded and available in the Assembly event app for the duration of the event. Evening Sessions will be available at allianceassembly.com after the event is over.

  • Are there any events for children?

    Unfortunately, we are not able to provide childcare and there are no events planned specifically for children. There will be a nursery and nursing room available for parents to use.


  • Where can I find the reports and pre-reads?

    Reports and pre-reads will be released the first week of May 2024. A notice will be sent to all delegates.
  • Are there alternate food choices for those with dietary restrictions?

    Caterers will provide gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, and vegan options for snacks & lunches. Please note your dietary restrictions when you register. If you have severe food allergies, it is recommended that you bring your own food.

  • How is Assembly ‘going green’?

    We are encouraging all delegates to bring their own water bottle as we will be providing water filling stations in place of bottled water.

  • Will I receive an income tax receipt for any charitable donations made at General Assembly, and if so, when?

    Tax receipts are provided for donations over $10.00 where the donor provides his/her name and address. Tax receipts are sent out annually after year-end and prior to February 28.

  • What is the General Assembly attire?

    Dress for Assembly is casual or business casual.

More questions?

Contact us and we will do our best to answer any questions you have!